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Support for Sustainable Finance

Image of Climate Change E&E Solutions have been implementing consulting services specialized in environmental and energy field since 1972. We are especially characterized by involving in financial related projects, such as due-diligences related to M & A, investment and lending by financial institutions. E&E Solutions Inc. have extensive experiences in consulting services related to environmental and social due-diligence for financial institutions. Based on our past experiences and knowledge, we provide advisory services for sustainable finance, from financial arrangement to investment decision, in order to build a sustainable society.

Support for Sustainable Finance

Image of Support for Sustainable Finance●For issuers:detailed environmental assessment to investors as  supportive evidence
●For investors: technical environmental assessment for the selection of green bond type
E & E Solutions Inc. is registered as Green Bond consulting company in Registration System of Green Bond Issuance Supporters established by Ministry of the Environment in Japan. 
●For lenders or borrowers:detailed environmental assessment from external point of view

2019.09.05 Collaboration for CBI Climate Bond verification services
On 28th August, 2019, the Climate Bonds Standard Board has approved Japan Credit Rating Agency (“JCR”), which take Collaboration Agreement with E&E Solutions, as an Approved Verifier of Climate Bonds Certification conducted by Climate Bonds Initiative (“CBI”). E&E Solutions has also been approved as verifier team member together with JCR. From now, E&E Solutions will be involved into CBI’s verification services implemented by JCR.
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Examples of our services

    Support Services for Green Bond
     ● Ministry of Environment:Support services for Pilot Project for Green Bond Issuance 2017, 2018 and 2019
         ・ Nov 2017: Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency/Green bond on clean
         ・ May 2018: Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha/Green Bond for Environmentally Friendly Vessel
         ・ June 2018: Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd./Green Bond for urban area re-development 
         ・ Dec 2018: Japan Housing Finance Agency/Green Bond for promotion of energy efficient house

    Support Services for Green Loan

        ・ Nov 2018: Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank. Second party opinion for the green loan
        ・ Dec 2018: Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha. Assessment of the green loan(technical assessment
        ・ March 2019: Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha. Assessment of the green loan(technical assessment

Environmental Assessment Support for ESG investing

Case Example

    Image of Environmental Assessment Support for ESG investing「project-based」
     ・Environmental Risk Assessment
     ・Calculations of CO2 emissions and/or its reduced
     ・Technical due-diligence for renewable energy
     ・Due-diligence for financing project(review/risk
           assessment of a business plan, feasibility study etc.)
    ・ Support for ESG assessment (questionnaires regarding
           environmental field, formulation of check list etc.)
    ・ Review of CSR report and/or Integrated Report,
           collection of publicly disclosed data

Support services to become listed companies in infrastructure fund

Assessment points of technical report
Technical reliability of power generating facilities, forecast of power generation, system validation, validation of the contents of the construction and maintenance agreement, validation of the cost and business profitability, status of compliance with legislation, assessment of environmental integrity etc.

Support services for loans, investments and financing of Green Project

● Environmental and social due-diligence based on Equator Principles
● Support to create environmental and social guidelines/check lists for environment and social due-diligence for
   financial institutions
● Advisory services in environment and social due-diligence process
● Environmental due-diligence for renewable energy projects