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Support in Adapting to Japanese Environmental Laws and Regulations

Image of Support in adapting to JAPANESE environmental laws and regulationsAs an expert in the field of materials management from its cradle to its grave both from the viewpoints of environmental conservation and economic competitiveness, E&E Solutions ensures that our client smoothly initiates and/or maintains their business in the Japanese market in compliance with Japanese environmental regulations. E&E Solutions commits to provide our client with the best solution based on our science and technology-based knowledge and our strong and diversified connections with governmental and private sectors in Japan.

Please note that this Compliance Assistance service is intended to be provided to private companies operating in foreign countries outside Japan.

Conservation of Biodiversity

image of Conservation of Biodiversity01A wide range of living creatures used to grow and inhabit in the nature around us, for example in a rural landscape. As our lifestyle has changed, our immediate natural environment has been diminished, and the population of natural creatures growing and inhabiting in such environment has been in decline, many of them being threatened or nearly threatened species today. In order to conserve such precious species, it is also necessary to conserve biodiversity and the local ecosystem where these species belong.

image of Conservation of Biodiversity02E&E Solutions has, for a long time, engaged in operations to conserve and restore the nature around us from the perspective of conserving biodiversity.

Further, we propose ways to contribute to the society after having arranged a habitat for a wide variety of living organisms, which includes utilization of such habitat for science classes and field observation for local elementary school students.

Support for the Conservation and Restoration of Nature Close at Hand

Image of Support for the conservation and restoration of nature close at handWith regard to approaches of government agencies, local governments, and corporations for the conservation and restoration of immediate natural environment, we clarify specific issues and hurdles on such approaches from an ecological standpoint, and create biotopes for many of the creatures that used to grow and inhabit in the given area, thereby providing our support to lead successful conservation and restoration of immediate natural environment with rich biodiversity.

Examples of our services

  • Biota survey on the target area
  • Overall environment survey on the target area (terrain/geology, soil, land history, water system, etc.)
  • Examination of the species subject to conservation (threatened species and other target species )
  • Planning and transplantation with biotope networks taken into consideration
  • Creation of biotopes for a rich, biologically controlled range of creatures
  • Vegetation management (reaping etc.), soil disturbance, water system management, and biological monitoring survey
  • Preparation and implementation of educational programs on nature
  • Creation of nature observation guides and pamphlets