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Sustainable Finance

Image of Climate ChangeClimate change causes a variety of adverse effects on our lives. These effects include abnormal weather that results in poor crop harvests and natural disasters of increased scale; the disruption of ecosystems; and the outbreak and spread of tropical infectious diseases. With greenhouse gas emissions from human activities said to be a major cause of climate change, initiatives geared toward reducing greenhouse gases are taking place on a global scale, at both the corporate and individual level.

Support for Projects to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Image of Support for Projects to Reduce Greenhouse GasesJapan is promoting its “Joint Crediting Mechanism” (JCM) with developing nations in order to proactively promote the spread of low carbon technologies and products in those nations and advance global warming countermeasures on a world scale.

E&E Solutions has solid experience in executing concrete projects to reduce greenhouse gases—including the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) based on JCM and the Kyoto Protocol—and extensive know-how regarding the introduction of renewable energies. Our company utilizes this expertise to assist with greenhouse gas reduction projects.

Examples of our services

  • Feasibility studies (FS)
    Calculating projects’ greenhouse gas reduction effectiveness, establishing monitoring/testing plans, examining implementation methods within target countries, evaluation of project feasibility, etc.
  • Overseas on-site information gathering
  • Developing greenhouse gas reduction effect estimation/application methodology

Greenhouse Gas Emission Management

Image of Greenhouse Gas Emission ManagementE&E Solutions offers support for activities and research that relate to the creation of a greenhouse gas emissions inventory (estimating/ascertaining emission amounts) and to the reduction of emissions as part of companies’ CSR activities. With regards to corporations’ implementation of renewable energy, we also offer services such as studies on the feasibility of implementation and on the available amount of energy, as well as estimates of costs and greenhouse gas reduction amounts.

Examples of our services

  • Estimates/investigation of greenhouse gas emission amount, activities/research relating to their reduction
  • Feasibility studies (FS) on the implementation of renewable energy, energy-saving equipment, etc.
  • Energy usage planning