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Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Audit

Image of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Audit01An increasing number of globally operating corporations implement an EHS audit as part of their environmental management. These corporations not only comply with the laws of each relevant country, but also prepare their own corporate standards (internal standards) and require their overseas offices to ensure sophisticated management of the environment and occupational health and safety. EHS audits are an important element in constructing a high quality EHS management system.

Image of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Audit02E&E Solutions engages experts with experience in supporting the construction of EHS management systems in a wide range of companies including those in manufacturing industry. Through the implementation of an EHS audit, we propose plans and strategy for meeting various legal requirements concerning the environment and occupational safety and health. In addition, the integration of EHS audit results into our client’s EHS management system enables the construction of a higher quality management system.

EHS Audit/Internal Audit Implementation and Support

Image of EHS Audit/Internal Audit Implementation and Support01An EHS audit refers to relevant protocols and each of checklist items, reviews the client’s existing EHS management system, regular operations and the procedures and records of such system and operations, and have interviews with the client’s person in charge. The violation of laws and problems requiring improvements identified in the audit are summarized as findings, and we will propose measures to improve these individual findings.

There are two distinctive approaches for EHS audits.

  • The method using EHS audit protocols and check sheets generally covering standard check items
  • The method using those protocols and check sheets that are created in accordance with the client’s corporate policies and EHS management system

Image of EHS Audit/Internal Audit Implementation and Support02Furthermore, our company provides assistance in internal audits based on corporate standards. In the case of any gap found between the corporate standards of a global company and the laws and regulations of the relevant country, our company will serve as a mediator by taking account of the views of both the auditor and the auditee and will find the most reasonable and effective solution.

Advantage of EHS Audits

Image of Advantage of EHS AuditsThe active integration of EHS results into the relevant EHS management system ensures the compliance with laws and regulations, leading to enhancement of the performance of the client’s business in its entirety. Furthermore, we believe that EHS audits will protect our clients against any potential obligation or public accountability that may arise in the future, and support them in making decisions regarding their property, employees, operational activities and investment.