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Environmental Impact Assessment

Image of Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental impact assessment is a scheme aimed at creating better business plans from the point of view of environmental conservation. It involves businesses themselves researching, predicting, and assessing the environmental impact of their development projects on ahead, when deciding project details. Businesses then publish the results of such and take into account opinions from the general public, regional public bodies, and other sources when forming business plans.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Wind Farms, Etc.

Wind power generation is the most widespread renewable energy on a global level. However, on-shore wind power has been known to cause noise and low frequency sound, and it impacts bird life and local scenery. Offshore wind power, too, causes undersea noise and impacts bird life and marine life. Amidst such factors, the Environmental Impact Assessment Law was revised in Japan in 2012, and now wind power generation projects of 10,000 kW or more are obligated to undergo environmental impact assessment.

Image of Environmental Assessment of Wind Farms, Etc.E&E Solutions has experience in environmental impact assessments for both on-shore wind power generation and large-scale offshore wind power generation. Our company has been entrusted with planning countermeasures against noise and low-frequency sound from on-shore wind power by the Ministry of the Environment and NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). We have also been entrusted with NEDO’s offshore wind power generation experimental studies (establishment of environmental impact assessment methods). Utilizing our considerable experience, we provide effective support for environmental assessments of wind farms and related projects.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Waste Treatment Facilities

Images of Environmental Assessment of Waste Treatment FacilitiesEven in cases in which the installation of or alterations to a waste treatment facility do not fall under the Environmental Impact Assessment Law or the Ordinances concerning Environmental Impact Assessment, if the facility is one that requires permits under the Waste Disposal Law, then an environmental assessment is required by law.

E&E Solutions is a member of the DOWA Group, which carries out waste disposal and recycling. In addition to our environmental impact assessment of the Group’s various facilities—waste crushers, incineration facilities, PCB abatement facilities, final disposal sites, etc.— we also have a substantial track record of life assessments for other private enterprises.

Examples of our services

  • Various research and simulations for environmental impact assessments
  • Advisory services regarding environmental assessments