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Establishment of Sound Material Cycle Society

Image of Establishment of Sound Material Cycle SocietyWith the world population expected to keep growing, demand for resources will continue to increase as well. Increasing the efficiency of resource utilization and reducing the input of natural resources are important issues on a global scale. For Japan in particular—a country with few natural resources—a major challenge is how to best make effective use of secondary resources and otherwise establish effective resource strategies that are considerate to the global environment.

E&E Solutions is a member of the DOWA Group, which is engaged in non-ferrous metal smelting, environmental recycling, and other related business. As a member of this group, E&E Solutions is equipped with knowledge and know-how regarding the recycling of numerous resources, both in Asia and western nations. Leveraging this knowledge, our company contributes to the construction of a recycling-oriented society through overseas F/S support, establishment of resource strategies, and other numerous efforts.

Overseas F/S Support

Image of Overseas F/S SupportAs the globalization of economies continues to advance, there is an increasingly active trend of Japanese companies that not only relocate production bases overseas, but that also expand their waste management and recycling-related technology to developing and rising nations. However, with systems, culture, and customs regarding waste management varying by country, deploying such technology overseas is a difficult task.

In addition to conducting research on markets and legal systems with relation to waste management, our company also cooperates with local government personnel and researchers to provide support that enables businesses to deploy Japanese technology overseas via methods tailored to each site.

Examples of our services

  • Feasibility study on establishment of hazardous waste management systems in Asia
  • Research on promoting cooperation between recycling-oriented cities in Japan and abroad
  • Strategic promotion of recovery and destruction of fluorocarbons

Image of Establishing Resource Management StrategiesJapan is said to have advanced waste management and “3R” initiatives, but in the future it will also be necessary to further coordinate hazardous material management and understanding of material flows based on world trends. Our company conducts global research on the latest worldwide trends of resource recycling, etc. in accordance with the needs of corporations. Through such efforts, we provide assistance with the establishment of resource management strategies in Japan

Examples of our services

  • Research on trends in policies and technology relating to ore-processing tech and harmful materials management
  • Gathering information relating to the establishment of advanced recycling systems for waste containing valuable metals
  • Basic research on resource recycling policies of countries around the world