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ESG Support Service

Image of Consideration of Environment and SocietyThe business activities affect not just the natural environment, but the “social environment” as well, including the living environment of nearby communities and the working environment of employees. The occurrence of such effects from corporate activities carries the risk of hindrances to companies’ business as well, in the form of formal suspension-of-business orders, after which corrective measures require time and expenditure. Consideration for environment and society is inseparable from the business activities.

Based on our track record of consulting service in a variety of business fields and knowledge of good practices in accordance with international requirement for environmental/social impact management, E&E Solutions provides support in all stages of corporate activities to help businesses minimize their effects on the natural and social environments, prevention of environmental issues, and reduce risk stemming from environmental and social problems.

Image of Consideration of Environment and Society

Support for Initiatives Toward Improved Consideration for the Environment and Society

In recent years, companies have been expected to carry out corporate activities while endeavoring to be considerate to both the environment and society. When making such efforts, the implementation of international good practices (such as IFC Performance Standards and Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines (EHS Guidelines), etc.) enables companies to achieve improved consideration for the environment and society.

Our company utilizes its extensive knowledge of numerous good practices from countries around the world to provide support to clients’ environmental management activities in implementing a variety of such practices.

Examples of our services

  • Support for creating manuals for the introduction of good practices
  • Support for creating policies and guidelines for environmental and social initiatives
  • Seminars / trainings for employees covering overviews of international environmental/social guidelines, the environmental/social initiatives required of business activities today, and more.

Support for Environmental Reviews by Financial Institutions

Image of Support for Environmental Reviews by Financial Institutions
In case that financial institutions intend to finance large-scale projects both nationally or globally, they need to conduct an environmental due diligence to confirm projects’ consideration for the environment and society.
Financial institutions are required to review environmental and social aspects of projects, examining whether or not they satisfy international standards (such as the Equator Principles, IFC Performance Standards, and World Bank Safeguard Policies, etc.) as well as national standards. Now it is becoming requirement for businesses to act with consideration to international standards and guidelines for environmental managements.

E&E Solutions has a substantial track record of support for environmental and social reviews since the 1990s. Based on this experience, we provide financial institutions with assistance in carrying out reviews and establishing review process and manuals, tailoring support to each institution’s individual circumstances.

Additionally, for businesses planning to apply for financing, we utilize our experience to provide advice to proceed environmental reviews smoothly, and also assist with the creation of various support documents and materials required.

Support for Human Rights Initiatives

Image of Support for Human Rights InitiativesThere are a variety of human rights issues relating to corporate activities. In recent years, Japanese corporations have accelerated the expansion of their business operations and supply chains into developing nations. This has led to an increase of cases in which labor issues and dispute with local communities have developed into human rights issues. Corporations are required to make efforts to identify, avoid, and tackle human rights risks within their business operations.

E&E Solutions provides businesses with support for implementing human rights initiatives based on the relevant human rights guidelines, such as UN’s “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,” the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and other such guidelines”. We also provide financial institutions with support, including help with the creation of manuals for evaluating human rights initiatives when conducting financing examination.

Support for CSR Initiatives

Image of Support for CSR InitiativesIn order to gain “Social License” as a sustainable corporation, it has become essential for companies respond to sudden changes in society and the environment and implement CSR activities that utilize their particular abilities in order to solve environmental/social problems.

There are a diverse variety of stakeholders in corporate activities, and each will have a different area that draws their interest. This means that corporations are required to make efforts in a wide range of fields, including the environment, human rights, safety/health, and social contribution.

Our company provides support for activities in a variety fields to help corporations fulfill their social responsibilities. We coordinate CSR activities so that they will lead to enhanced corporate value.