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Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

Image of Soil and Groundwater Investigation and RemediationIn recent years, laws and regulations concerning soil and groundwater contamination have been developed gradually, and accordingly the momentum to investigate and take countermeasures against soil and groundwater contamination has been growing within and outside Japan. Also, there are increasing opportunities to implement such investigations and measures, in executing environmental due diligence for a real estate transaction or M&A, or as part of CSR or environmental management.

E&E Solutions has extensive performance records of investigations of and countermeasures against soil and groundwater contamination. Even outside Japan, our company has a globally expanding network of a number of consultants etc., which enables us to carry out evaluations on the basis of the applicable environmental laws and regulations of each country and the actual local situation. In addition, with a wealth of actual accomplishments in investigating soil and groundwater and taking measures as part of environmental due diligence for M&A etc., we do not just report investigation results, but also provide appropriate advice as an environmental advisor.

Phase I Investigation (Phase I Environmental Site Assessment)

Image of Phase I InvestigationA Phase I Investigation is also called an “Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)”, and is an investigation based on ASTM 1527-13 in which all aspects of a given environment including soil and groundwater contamination are assessed. In a Phase I ESA, generally, we visit the target site, review documents, interview site personnel, and inspect the site. At the time of the site visit, we assess all aspects of the environment of the target site by checking not only information on soil and groundwater contamination, but also the activity and management status of the site and the compliance status with applicable environmental laws, in relation to overall environmental details such as the atmosphere, water quality, chemical substances, waste, underground storage tanks, PCBs, asbestos, etc.

Phase II Investigation

Image of Phase II InvestigationIf any potential soil or groundwater contamination is observed as a result of a Phase I ESA, a Phase II Investigation will be implemented. A Phase II Investigation assesses the soil and groundwater contamination status of the target site by sampling and analyzing the actual soil and groundwater. Although analysis results are, in principle, evaluated against the reference values set in accordance with the laws of the target site’s country or region, such reference values may not be available in some countries. In such a case, internationally and widely applied reference values are used for evaluation.

Phase III Remediation

Image of Phase III RemediationA Phase III Remediation is to implement measures to prevent the spread of contamination and perform remediation works on the extent of the soil and groundwater contamination detected from the Phase II Investigation. There are various types of soil and groundwater countermeasure works, and an appropriate one is determined by taking account of a range of elements including the future use of the target land, costs, soil properties, contaminating substances, concentration and the extent of contamination. Furthermore, a groundwater monitoring may be required in some cases after countermeasures have been conducted.