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Environment and Finance

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Companies have taken on many environmental issues through their business activities. This kind of approach is today incorporated into their business strategy as an action potentially enhancing their future corporate values and enabling their sustainable growth. On the other hand, economic activities surrounding companies constitute part of the flow of finance. In the past, there were many cases where environmental problems arising in the course of corporate activities became so massive that such problems caused a huge impact on the way the society was, as well as on the relevant companies.

For this reason, companies' environmental approaches incorporated into economic activities are regarded, even from a viewpoint of lending financial institutions, as an extremely important means to avoid the risk of any environmental and social impact generated by business activities. Furthermore, financial institutions promote those activities that lead borrowing companies and projects to take environmentally- and socially friendly approaches, through environment-conscious financing and socially responsible investment that takes account of environment conservation approaches as an evaluation item for a financing decision.

From many governmental and private financial institutions, our company has undertaken a significant number of experiences that evaluate whether a borrower is bankable or not, which include the evaluation of large-scale overseas developments in terms of environmental and social sustainability, environmental due diligence for corporate acquisitions (M&As), and technical due diligence for project finance. We are proud of our top-class performance results in Japan. Precisely, we are an environmental consultant working at the forefront of both the environment and finance fields.

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