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Global Network

Global Network

Not only has E&E Solutions formed business ties with some environmental consulting companies committing to world-leading business development, but also has built strong relationships of trust with local environmental consultants in many countries and regions. Through the utilization of our international networks, we provide consulting services appropriate for various projects all over the world.

Adapting to the Laws and Regulations of Each country and Region

Image of Adapting to the Laws and Regulations of Each country and Region

With our networks of specialized environmental consultants in different countries and regions, we provide detailed information on regional - level and municipality-level laws and standards, which is not readily available under ordinary circumstances, needless to say about information on national-level laws and standards.

Meeting International Standards

Image of Meeting International Standards

In addition to complying with the laws and regulations of each country, our company incorporates international standards into the implementation of each stage of survey, development and management of client’s business, thereby hugely reducing a wide range of risks.

Implementation of Flexible Surveys

Image of Implementation of Flexible Surveys

We cater to your needs in a flexible manner in accordance with your needs, more specifically survey contents, business details, budget, survey timing, etc. Prior to the execution of a work, we hold sufficient hearings to ensure your requirements, and propose the most appropriate plan for you.

Services for Foreign-Affiliated Companies in Japan

Image of Services for Foreign-Affiliated Companies in Japan

For foreign-affiliated companies operating in Japan, we implement surveys in conformity to international standards, and prepare reports in English or other languages. Furthermore, by utilizing our overseas networks, we guarantee our provision of fulfilling services to Japanese companies operating abroad and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan.