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Privacy policy

This website (hereinafter called, “Website”) is operated by E&E Solutions Inc. (hereinafter, “Company”) for the purpose of providing its information.

When you use this Website, we may ask you for your personal information (when such information is required for responding to your inquiry, for a questionnaire survey, for email receipt registration, etc.). In any case where we ask you to register your personal information, we will clearly state on the Website the purpose of the registration, the purpose of use of registered information, etc., and adopt a system through which only consenting users are to register their information.

The information that you may be asked to provide is mainly the personal details required for responding to your inquiry etc., such as your company’s name and your name, email address, telephone number, address, etc. In some cases, we ask you other questions. Except for the required minimal items, you can select which items you would like to answer on, and provide your information at your discretion. Further, the Company will not modify any of your information provided without your consent.

Registred information will not be disclosed or provided to any third party (however, this excludes those cases where the Company provides your address to its contractor for such services as the delivery of information materials including catalogs). The Company will manage registered personal information with due care.